bubble logoAfter graduating with a BA Hons in Film Studies from Queen Mary, University of London (2008-11), I began writing and directing my first feature film, the science fiction thriller, Through The Lens. This was made for £20,000, securing financial backing from O2, Reflexblue and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. The film took three years to produce and was completed in early 2014; it secured distribution and was released through Entertainment One (EOne) on major platforms including Amazon Prime, GooglePlay, iTunes, Sony Playstation Network, Xbox Video, Hudu and DVD.

I have directed and produced films that have won awards at UNICEF,  miShorts and local festivals. A film I produced was nominated for the First Light And BBC Blast awards, broadcast on BBC2. Films I have written and produced have also been used in nationwide campaigns for charities such as OCD Action and most recently Goal, a charity promoting football for children in South Africa.

I recently produced and co-wrote the feature film pilot Hills, completed with funding from the Gain Trust which was finished in September 2014. Hills was released on Amazon Prime in 2015, and helped to secure distribution for the feature film currently in development, When The Rain Falls.

Alongside drama work, I have spent a large amount of time shooting, directing and editing a range of promotional, corporate,  music and event videos, through the company I set up in 2009, Spark In The Dark Productions.

I have taught and run a number of community projects involving local charities and organisations including Centre 33, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the YMCA. These projects have all centered around the practical film making process, taking those involved through the processes of film production – from script to screen.

Sponsors, and work produced in conjunction with:

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